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Drabble: The Kissing Cure

Title: The Kissing Cure
Word Count and Rating: G
Summary: Scorpius knows what he wants for Christmas, and he as a plan how to get it.
Notes: Tied for 2nd place at crossgendrabs. :) Also for #15 green on my 100quills table and #22 Parting on my 25fluffyfics table.

Scorpius leaned against the train. "So it's good-bye until after Christmas break, Rose."

He beamed, pretending not to notice her fury. Mistletoe sprang from Rose's scalp, green leaves threading through her curls and white berries dangling around her ears like pearls. Her normally fair skin burned with embarrassment. The effect was Christmassy, Scorpius decided.

"Yep," he said, eyeing her hair. "Fourteen lo-o-ong days."

"Fine!" Grabbing his collar, she slammed her mouth onto his before immediately shoving him away. After one furious glare, she stalked away, shedding mistletoe on the platform.

Scorpius rubbed his lips together and grinned. "Happy Christmas, Rosie!"


Heh... I loved this one... Scorpius mildly mean but with purpose and angry Rose are just delicious!