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white dress dirt road

Surprised, and yet kinda not

Thank you for everyone's hugs and positive thoughts. What a strange day this was.

Long story short, my boss was fired and will probably be prosecuted. Apparently, she was stealing and had been for a while. According to some of the admins (who know everything, ya'll--if you want to know the office scoop, befriend an administrative assistant) we're talking about at least $30000, probably more. While I was there, I saw them finish cleaning out her office; they took everything out: file cabinets, computer, even her whiteboard. I guess the investigation is ongoing.

On the one hand, I'm surprised. She was a VP and she'd been there for 15 years; she must have been well compensated. Plus, she has a family to think of. Why do this? On the other hand, many of the things she did made me uncomfortable. She's too willing to cut corners, has (IMO) unethical staffing practices, and so on. I feel sorry for her, even though I think, perhaps, I shouldn't. Her life will never be the same after this.

Oh, and I did have to meet privately with a Senior VP and company legal. They had questions about the one and only business trip she and I took together. I wasn't very helpful. It was too long ago, and I had nothing to do with any expense reports she filed afterward.

Happier stuff: Pimping!

Voting is on for the first challenge at hpgw_ldws! Voting is sooo close, I'm facing a tie-breaker if someone doesn't pull ahead. Even if Harry/Ginny is not your thing, please consider going here and casting your vote. *bats lashes*

Round 2 has begun at pphp_ldws! This week it's Harry/Pansy with a guest appearance by Lucius (fwoar!). Go here to read the awesomeness and cast your vote.

January is rarepair month at dyno_drabbles, and I'm loving the variety of pairings we're seeing so far. Voting for prompt 2 is here. Vote, vote, vote!

Lastly, happy birthday to drcjsnider and happy very belated birthday to aigooism. For both of you, I hope your next year of life is full of blessings.


What a stressful day! *HUGS*

I pimped the voting, too. ;)
Thank you, both for the hugs and the pimpage. :)

*hugs back*
What a stressy day.

In firefox, I couldn't find the comment buttons on the hpgw community - at first I thought it was maybe members only comments. Joined and still comment button. So I finally hit "view in my style" and tada, there they were. So something in the layout just wasn't showing up in my browzer. I have now voted. ;0)
Oooh, thank you for telling me how it looks in Firefox. That's good to know. I'll probably change the layout after the round, but I'll be sure to add a note in the meantime for Firefox users.
It's hard to find! If you look in the original style under the user pic on the far right it's there as an option. I had to switch to my style too when I signed up to participate. but then I went back because I knew it had to be there somewhere.
Now I'm thinking I should change the layout right away. Hmm...
So now you'll be getting used to a new boss, but at least you can relax in knowing that your job is safe. :)

I was a little concerned after your first post today.

I've put a message for my flist on my page.
I saw that--thank you!

Thank you for your concern, too. I really didn't know if I was still going to be employeed by the end of the day. Now, I can relax.
WOW! Dude...I CLEARLY need to go back to your last entry and read.

Oh. And you totally need a pimp cane. :D
What makes you think I don't already have one? :D
*snorts* You probably mass produce them jokers in your spare time. :D
That's just... wrong on so many levels.

To give you a smile... Look for a goodie in your email. ;)

There are 3 parts, so look for the other 2 later tomorrow or Sunday.
Wow... stuff like this is always disappointing... i'm so glad nothing negative is ahppening to you... although does this mean you'll be getting a new boss? any idea who it will be and whether you'll get along with him/her?
Holy cow! That's just awful. Why some people 1) steal and 2) think they'll get away with it is beyond me! Yikes.

I did vote over at pphp_ldws! It's fun to see that's started back up. You go on and drabble yourself up!!
world of ick (the work thing, not the pimpage, which is world of rad). Hope your equilibrium is returning--that kind of thing can poison the atmosphere for a long long time.